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Now available in Springfield, the Infrared Sauna can provide an endless amount of benefits! Customize your session with 7 different wellness programs including relaxation, detoxification, pain relief, heart health, wound healing, cell health & immunity, and anti-aging. Come in today to discover these benefits for yourself!


VIB Members: $20 for 20 minutes (Must book monthly massage appointments)
Infarad Sauna + Foot Soak $45
Shine Package $80 (Includes 4)
Melt Package $99 (Includes 6)
Stay committed to your health all year long!
Year Package $1,185

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Soul Shine - Created out of love and to spread happiness

Growing up as a child I was unknowingly guided by my great-grandmother, Greta, for her love of the Aloe plant. Aloe plants are known for their self healing qualities. Like the Aloe plant when we slow down and become mindful of our thoughts, our mind and body are able to heal naturally too. My goal is to help others find balance and relaxation by making small simple daily changes. Out of my deep desire to help others slow down and breathe a little deeper, I too, have learned to breathe deeper, feel good in my own body, and share this balance with family and friends.

I want to personally invite you to our quiet, relaxing, and private spa as part of your wellness journey.

In Health & Happiness,
Rachel Brakebill– Owner / Board Certified Massage Therapist

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Why Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy has long been thought of as a luxury. In reality, massage has endless health benefits and can seamlessly fit into your health and wellness routine. You'll be amazed at the results a Licensed Massage Therapist can provide. Below are a few of our favorite resources on the advantages of massage:

Our Team

Welcome to Soul Shine Spa and Wellness! We are happy your journey has guided you to our happy place. We are a team of Licensed Massage Therapists ready to customize a Therapeutic massage experience just for you. Our Licensed Massage Therapists offer many different massage modalities to relax and ease muscle pain, re-charge your body, and rejuvenate your mind.

Our focus is to offer the highest level of Massage Therapy for your health and wellness. We have many years experience, ranging from 8-11 years. We are inspired to be the best Massage Therapist because of YOU, and we are always continuing our education through seminars, attending conferences, and reviewing on-going research through the Massage Therapy Foundation. We LOVE being your home-town Massage Therapy business of choice. We are grateful for the opportunity to give back to the people of our community who give so much daily. Thank you for continuing to support our vision at Soul Shine Spa and Wellness. -Let your Soul Shine today!

Soul Shine Spa is happy to offer Massage Package discounts for our VIB massage members. As a VIB you are are making the choice to maintain your health and wellness with regularly scheduled monthly massage appointments.

No contract, it's that simple.

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